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How To Steam Shrimp Without a Steamer? It’s a simple question. But to answer it, it’s difficult enough. Usually people like to steam shrimp using a steamer. But how if we don’t have a steamer? Can we steam a shrimp without a steamer? I will say of course. You can steam shrimp without a steamer easy at home. How to steam shrimp without a steamer is our topic today. Because many people confuse and don’t know what to do. I have the best way to steam shrimp without a steamer. And you can do it under my instructions.

How To Steam Shrimp Without A Steamer

How To Steam Shrimp Without a Steamer now could be done at home. For you who don’t have any steamer, no need to panic. The shrimp is an animal that lives in the waters. Shrimp usually live in lakes, seas, or rivers. Shrimp are able to live in saltwater, brackish water, or freshwater, at varying depths, from near the surface to several thousand meters below the surface. Shrimp has many benefits for body health. Shrimp contains many kinds of nutritions, such as :

  • The content of selenium is 102%, very sufficient to meet the daily selenium requirement of the body.
  • Vitamin B12 content, can meet 78% of daily Vitamin B12 body requirement.
  • Protein content, can meet 52% of daily protein needs of the body.
  • Phosphorus content, can meet 50% of daily phosphorus needs of the body.
  • The content of choline, can meet 36% of daily body choline needs.
  • Copper content, can meet 32% of daily copper needs of the body.
  • Iodine content, can meet 31% of body’s daily iodine requirement.
  • Vitamin B3 content, can meet 19% daily vitamin B3 requirement of the body.
  • Zinc content, can meet 17% of daily zinc requirement of the body.
  • Vitamin E content, can meet 17% of daily vitamin E requirement of the body.
  • The content of Vitamin B6, can meet 16% of daily Vitamin B6 body requirement.
  • Content Omega 3 fats, can meet 14% of daily omega 3 body fat requirement.
  • Acid content of patotenis, can meet 12% requirement of daily patotenic acid body.
  • Vitamin A content, can meet 11% requirement of Vitamin A daily body.


  1. First step is prepare the pan. Then heat the pan over medium-high heat.
  2. Then pour in the shrimp along with enough water. I used 1/4 cup or less to cover the bottom of the pan.
  3. After that cover the pan immediately to trap the steam as the water vaporizes on the hot metal.
  4. Shake the pan hardly for 2-3 minutes. This job neccessary to make the shrimp are equally exposed to the steam.
  5. But remember : Do not cook on the hot bottom of the pan.
  6. Small until medium shrimp up to 26/30 in size should be done at this point.
  7. But let the larger shrimp 21/25s rest in steam 1-2 minutes more.
  8. And for jumbo shrimp 16/20s, let rest in steam for 2 to 3 minutes to finish cooking.
  9. Note : This tips for peeled shrimp.
  10. And for shell-on shrimp, add 2-3 minutes more time.


  1. Instead of water, you can use your favorite wine to steam shrimp.
  2. If you wanna get more flavor, sprinkle the shrimp with seasoning mixture, or chopped herbs at the first time in the pot.
  3. Can i use the parchment paper? If you have parchment paper, it’s easier. You can steam shrimp with unconventional method. It called cooking en papillote. You just need parchment pouch to trap steam, not a sealed pot.
  4. First step is preheat your oven to 425 degrees F.
  5. Then devide shrimp into half-pound portions.
  6. Then place each in the middle of a large round of parchment.
  7. Add few waters, fruit juice, wine. Or you can use any other liquid to provide steam and flavor.
  8. Fold up the outer edges of the circle and continue to fold them to make a tight seal.
  9. After that, you have to twist the corners of each half-moon pouch to tighten it slightly and to help keep juices from escaping.
  10. If your shrimo is 16/20 size, you have to steam in the oven for 15 minutes.
  11. And if your shrimp is medium or small, you jut need 8-10 minutes.
  12. Open one corner of package. If they’re pink, they’re done.

You can use microwave to steam shrimp. This way answer the question on how to steam shrimp without a steamer. How to do that? Check steps below :

  1. First step is fill the large microwaveable measuring cup, or mid-sized mixing bowl with shrimp.
  2. Then add few tbsp of wine or water.
  3. Then add seasonings.
  4. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap.
  5. Puncture the wrap, so a small portion of the steam can vent. Otherwise the expanding steam will usually pull it from the cup and place it in the microwave.
  6. Now heat the shrimp for 90 seconds over full power.
  7. After that shake the bowl to stir them around.
  8. Again, microwave the shrimp for 30 seconds more.
  9. Shake them sometimes until they’re pink.
  10. This technique for batches of 1/2 pound to 1 pound.
  11. If your shrimp is smaller, it would increase risk of overcooked and tough shrimp.
  12. While larger quantities take longer to cook, but increasing the risk of hot spots where the shrimp are overdone.

That was tips how to steam shrimp without a steamer. I think it could answer the question of steam shrimp without a steamer at home. I hope you can make it too. Thanks for visiting my sites, and don’t forget to connected to us because we have many recipes ideas every day for free. Happy cooking !!!

How To Steam Shrimp Without A Steamer