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How To Make Almond Flour For Macarons – In every cooking activity, we often find almond flour in the ingredients. Yes, so important the role of almond flour, especially in baking recipes. Almond flour is rich in protein. Almond flour could be processed to macarons. Almond flour is also required in making almond nut paste. Baked pastries have the flavor of peanuts from almond powder and other recipes requiring bakery will benefit by using almond flour instead. And fortunately, making almond flour is very easy and fast. We have the best answer for a question “How to make almond flour for macarons?”


How to make almond flour for macarons? We have a complete instructions for you. Everybody can make it easily. To make macarons we always need almond flour. There are many stores selling almond flour. But I prefer to make almond flour by myself, because the quality is better. And of course the cost is cheaper. But the best part of making almond flour is, the quality of the almond flour itself. Most of the almond flour sold is not good quality. So it makes my macarons become sweaty and dirty. I don’t know why, but i’m sure that my almond flour is better. Here are simple way to make almond flour for macarons.

How To Make Almond Flour For Macarons Easily

Some equipments that you need are :

  1. 2 big mixing bowls
  2. Food processor
  3. Sifter
  4. Blanched almond (65 grams)
  5. Powdered sugar (65 grams)

Directions :

  1. Choose almond that has sprout and blanched. Because blanched almond is likened to a skinless almond. Blanched and sprouted almonds are perfect for making almond flour, because the color of the flour will be the same and taste better. Then how to get blanched almonds? It’s easy. Boil almonds for 1-2 minutes without cover. Then use a cloth or hand to rub the skin until it is released. Then dry the almonds immediately.
  2. Choose and get your blanched almond and powdered sugar that needed for macaron recipes. I make 65 grams of blanched almond and 65 grams powdered sugar.
  3. Put the almonds into the food processor with the powdered sugar. Remember, do not grind almonds by itself without the sugar. It causes almonds become oily and could make it become almond butter. Start pulsing, stopping intermittently to bring up the sugar that have sunken to the bottom with a spoon.
  4. Separate between a large and soft almond mixture. Sift the mixture into a big bowl and discard the big pieces that can not be sifted.
  5. Take some fresh almonds to compensate for the discarded amounts. And then pulse it again along with some of the sifted mixture. The icing sugar neeeded in the mixture to prevent the oil out frm the almonds.
  6. Pulse the almonds again & sift.

Tips : Weighing out an extra 10 grams of almonds. Because usually 10 grams of almonds could not be sifted. So weighing out 10 grams extra to compensate it.

That was article about How To Make Almond Flour For Macarons. I think tips above could answer the question of how to make almond flour for macarons. I hope you can make it too. Thanks for visiting my sites, and don’t forget to connected to us because we have many healthy recipes every day for free. Happy cooking !!!

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